Voice Evacuation / TUL

GLOBALCOM® Life Safety and Voice Alarm

The GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series was designed by our team of dedicated engineers from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands for Mass Notification and Emergency Communications as set forth by the NFPA (UL-2572) and European fire and life safety agencies (EN 54-16). While the 5400 Series is the key element for notification in your crisis management plan, it also excels as the day-to-day communication and paging solution required by the most demanding environments. From airports, subway and transit stations to hospitals, schools, stadiums, government facilities, office buildings and factories, the IED 5400 Series delivers the message clearly and concisely when seconds count.5400 Product Group
Key Features
The GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series is loaded with features that make it easy to use, scalable to any size facility and cost-effective to implement.

  • Decentralized architecture using autonomous controllers that communicate to each other via Layer 3
  • UL-1711 Listed amplifiers for fire protective signaling systems (Required by UL-2572)
  • EN 54-16 Certified components for voice alarm control and indicating equipment
  • Complete system supervision and testing from the microphone element to the loudspeaker
  • Continuous real-time Ambient Noise Analysis and automatic output level control
  • Fully-supervised logic inputs for fire alarm and security system interfaces
  • Synchronous Visual Paging for recorded messages
  • Multiple failover and system redundancy options
  • Fully-configurable touch screen paging and communications stations
  • Integrated VoIP telephone interface
  • Works with IED Director® for easy-to-produce Custom Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Complete integration with existing GLOBALCOM® vACS Announcement Control Systems or legacy 500 ACS systems (Requires GLOBALCOM® vACS software)

Life Safety System Examples