Ghost Network

GHOST – Convergent Network System

Ghost is a gigabit platform mounted in a 19’’ 1U rack box dedicated to the multiplexing, transport and monitoring of true Ethernet broadcast signals. Ghost integrates a layer 2 programmable switch motherboard, an interface and control front panel board and an extended 120/230 VAC 50/60Hz power supply. Ghost offers a multi services platform to create and manage easily the most complex networks without specific skills in IT technologies. Ghost Manager is the dedicated software specially developed for touring and live application. Ghost Manager can manage  stand up instantly 200 devices connected to the network from a Windows xp to 10 OS PC connected on one device. Ghost networks are fully independents of any protocol and perfectly versatile for each drive data. Ghost systems can be defined like a broadcast medias highway where every kind of vehicle can run freely and firstly on his dedicated part without global traffic jams.